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In June of 2019 Fridays For Future started striking in front of Miami City Hall every Friday at 3pm

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We started striking in front of Miami City Hall in June 2019. Mayor Suarez came out of City Hall and asked us to make an appointment with him to discuss how best to deal with the Climate Emergency. 

January 2020: State of the City Address

In January, at the annual State of the City address, Mayor Suarez unveiled his plan for the city for the next few decades. 

Missing from the plan is any mention of "Climate Emergency".


In November, after 6 months of discussions with city officials, the City finally passed a Declaration of Climate Emergency.

Coming out of that meeting, Mayor Suarez asked the students to make an appointment so the students can consult with the city on how to make the necessary changes. 

The Miami Forever Bond

Central to the City's plan to deal with a changing climate is the Miami Forever Bond (see below). Notice no mention of mitigation or reducing emissions, without which we cannot talk about "Miami Forever". 

Go to the official site for the The Miami Forever Bond here.

"The intent of Miami Forever Bond is to build a stronger, more resilient future for Miami, alleviating existing and future risks to residents, economy, tourism and the city’s legacy.  The Bond will fund a series of projects that will transform the future of Miami by investing a total of $400 million in five key categories, which align with the City’s most pressing needs:  Sea-Level Rise and Flood Prevention, Roadways, Parks and Cultural Facilities, Public Safety and Affordable Housing. Bond projects will benefit current and future residents, businesses and visitors, while also creating jobs and lowering costs related to sea-level rise and increased storm events"

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